Good Morning Nashville

Sitting here in Franklin Tn drinking some great coffee….love that java!  Wow…this is only my second post so I probably should get at it.  Nashville is a place where dreams can come true as an artist…..but and a big but (no pun intended), there are so many pitfalls and struggles that most artists don’t get past their first year here let alone years 2 and 3.  I’m going on 4. lol  The most important thing as an artist is determination and a whole lotta grit.  When I first arrived in Nashville I didn’t know one single person in the music biz here….not one.  So I laid out a game plan of spending almost a year of just writing new songs.  Song after song I wrote.  Some really good and some I don’t evan wanna talk about.  Through all the time spent songwriting a was able to capture my own unique style.  See I’ve been a songwriter for quite some time, but when I came to Nashville it lit a fire within me.  I started to meet other great writers and musicians which led me to a great studio called Treasure Isle…..This famous studio is where I had some of Nashville’s best studio musicians cut my first 10 songs.  I’ll save that story for next time.



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  1. Congratulations on your success

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