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Treasure Isle Studio, Nashville TN

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Treasure Isle Studio, Nashville TN

Tully Kennedy, Chris Leuzinger and Tim Lauer cutting new songs with me at Treasure Isle.


Hello Music Fans around the World from Nashville,TN

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Hi and welcome aboard to the Chase Allan’s  “Are you Ready for the Ride” blog.  This is my first blog so I’m excited to share some things going on with my musical journey.  If ya all are wondering about the title “Ready for the Ride”   I can tell you that my blogs are going to include a lot of stuff behind the scenes of my life as an artist here in Nashville.  My  hardships along with my triumphs will be shared.  Let me start by introducing myself first of all.  My name is Chase Allan I am a country/pop/rock artist, songwriter and producer.  I’ve been hitting it hard and walkin the line here in Nashville for about 4 years now.   I’ve had a lot of great things happen in my musical journey here in Nashville.   I’ve met and worked with some of the top studio musicians along with some of the best live players also.  I’ve had the opportunity to play in most of the top clubs in Nashville.  I’m going to be going into more depth about everything going on in my upcoming blogs.  This blog is going to take a look behind the scenes of rehearsals, shows, songwriting, recordings, and people I meet along the way.  It’s also going to include my band, and some of the top music biz people in Nashville I work with.  I’m going to take you behind the real music scene in Nashville.  The good, bad and ugly will be covered…lol.  So hang on and Get “Ready for the Ride.”